TubeLock ®

Tubular Transport Running System TTRS® 

More than just a frame system




Global Gravity provide you with the world´s only Tubular Transport Running system (TTRS). We named it TubeLock®. TubeLock® is a unique, effective and safe method of transporting and running pipe to and from the rigs. We want to eliminate ineffecient and costly processes from the industry, improving YOUR revenue.

Save time Save handlings Save rig space

Optimize your processes

– explore how tubelock® benefits your drilling operation

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— Tubular transport running system – TTRS

“We are not a traditional frame provider! Tubelock is a “all in one” running system for the drilling operation, from A-Z. Our goal is to be a benefit for all users”  – Kenneth Hagelskjær, CEO Global Gravity

Safe and efficient handling Onshore:

  • Onshore preparation and packing in running sequence – packing list is prepared.
  • Centralizers fitted onshore.
  • TubeLock® components below 15 kg – Allow manual handling.
  • Stacking possible – Reducing yard space.
  • Optimized for use by crane and flatbed trailers.
  • Supervision by Global Gravity ensuring correct packing and use.
  • Protecting high value asset tubing.

Safe and efficient handling Offshore:

  • Safe and fast loading to supply vessel.
  • One crane operation from supply vessel to cantilever deck, saving crane time and valuable storage space.
  • Safe and stable tubular working area.
  • Back load equipment space optimized.
  • High focus on “No dropped items”.
  • Supervision by Global Gravity ensuring correct use and optimal working conditions for drill crew.
  • Saving valuable rig space.
  • Less crane handling.