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Global Gravity provides the Rig-Ready TubeLock® Running System
Improving your processes - all the way!


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Safe and Efficient Tubular Handling

Global Gravity provide the TubeLock® – Tubular FrameSystem for safe and efficient handling of drill pipes, tubulars and casing.

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Certified Handling

The TubeLock® System is the world's lightest 3rd party certified system improving handling, transportation and rig operation.

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— Tubular running system

"We are not a traditional frame provider! Tubelock is a "all in one" running system for the drilling operation, from A-Z. Our goal is to be a benefit for all users" 

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Safe and efficient handling Onshore:

  • Onshore preparation and packing in running sequence – packing list is prepared.
  • Centralizers fitted onshore.
  • TubeLock® components below 15 kg – Allow manual handling.
  • Stacking possible – Reducing yard space.
  • Optimized for use by crane and flatbed trailers.
  • Supervision by Global Gravity ensuring correct packing and use.
  • Protecting high asset value tubing.


Safe and efficient handling Offshore:

  • Safe and fast loading to supply vessel.
  • One crane operation from supply vessel to cantilever deck, saving crane time and valuable storage space.
  • Safe and stable tubular working area.
  • Back load equipment space optimized.
  • High focus on "No dropped items".
  • Supervision by Global Gravity ensuring correct use and optimal working conditions for drill crew.
  • Saving valuable rig space.
  • Less crane handling.