Customers says


Hess - completion engineer:

  • Improved QA on compiling / checking running tallies ahead of time
  • Minimal footprint required on the rig

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Ensco, Rig Asset Manager to Wintershall Robert:

Do you have any details on these liner racks? (Just curious because they look like the real deal).

Maersk Oil, drilling superintendent:

  • Reduced manual pipe handling, hence increased safety
  • Reduced number of lifts offloading supply vessel

DEA, Senior drilling engineer

“In our company there are different meanings about TubeLock – some hate it (due to cost, but nobody has spoken to you to discuss….) some love it (due to space saving elements, easy to assemble”

DONG Energy, drilling manager:

  • Improved equipment protection – for chrome materials especially
  • Safe and efficient way to handle tubulars

Vallourec, Senior technical manager:

”I can confirm that this is the best in class pipe racking system I have seen to date”.

Life Cycle Well Engineer HPHT, Shell Upstream International Europe:

  • Safe and rigid construction for transportation

Tenaris, Senior management in DK

”Hess and Dong are using them and they are extremely happy with the product and the service provided. They can notice the advantages. I know also that the two owners of the company are very serious and investing a lot of money in R&D. Actually they improved the product a lot in the last two years”