Global Gravity and EMS expands their facilities

New orders have given us the opportunity to expand the facilities on Lillebæltsvej. We have taken over the 14.000 m2 site next door to us. The site is equipped with a 4.000 m2 warehouse, which is going to be the location for both production and storage, as well as a test- and development center for Global Gravity´s patented TubeLock® system.

“The new facilities gives us the opportunity to develop the product, and to keep up with the massive amount of new orders” states Kenneth Hegelskjær, CEO EMS and Global Gravity.

The facilities are however a bit more than we can use ourselves at this point in time. Therefore we offer other companies to rent both outside and inside storage space. The whole site is fenced and is perfectly located in terms of infrastructure to and from Esbjerg.

June 21, 2018

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