Press Release – Global Gravity become market leader within pipe handling for drilling operations

Global Gravity become market leader within pipe handling for drilling operations

A 5 year contract with German oil and gas operator DEA (Deutsche Erdoel Aktiengeschellscahft) makes Global Gravity market leader.   

Global Gravity´s patented TTRS (Tubular transport running system), named TubeLock® will be used for transport, storage and drilling operation of all pipes in upcoming campaigns for the next 5 years. Furthermore, the contract include supervision onshore and offshore, during use of the TTRS frames.

“The contract with DEA is of great importance to us. With more than 1000 TubeLock® TTRS in operation internationally, we now have a solid base to operate from. And this is only the beginning” states Kenneth Hagelskjær, CEO Global Gravity.

TubeLock® is the first TTRS in the world. The system is created to save valuable time both onshore and offshore, where time really matters. TubeLock® TTRS is outstanding due to the features enabling the pipes to run directly from the system without any in-between handlings. All pipe preparations are done onshore, this means elimination of inefficient and costly processes offshore.

TubeLock® TTRS will revolutionize the way of tubular handling, with safety improvements for the crew operating the system, and cost savings for our customers. Unlike other, more traditional ways of transporting and handling tubulars, the pipes are safely secured in the system, saving not only time but also saving human lives, space and handlings.

“It is a fact, TubeLock® is the best solution available. TubeLock® will optimize all processes for pipe handling within all types of well interventions, and drilling operations around the world” States Kenneth Hagelskjær.

For more information please contact:

Kim Christensen – Director, Sales and Marketing

Phone: +45 29 25 20 21



Kenneth Hagelskjær – CEO

Phone: +45 71 99 20 10


October 30, 2018

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