The world´s first rig-ready TubeLock® running system

Did you know that Global Gravity has invented the world´s first Rig-Ready TubeLock® running system?

A tubular running system, made to work with the drilling operation. Giving your crew the best possible system, to run in hole, any type of drill pipe, tubing or casing.
At Global Gravity we believe a smart solution will enhance safety and move focus on to a more efficient way of working.

It is a fact – TubeLock® is the best solution in the market. Overall giving high asset value pipe the best protection possible, and with the best certification possible, to guarantee safety and quality.

“We are not a traditional frame provider! TubeLock® is an “all in one” running system for the drilling operation, from A-Z. Our goal is to be a benefit for all users”
States Kenneth Hagelskjær, CEO Global Gravity

What is a running system?

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December 13, 2017

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