About us

Global Gravity is based in Esbjerg – the EnergyMetropolis of Denmark.

We have extensive experience in base- and rig-operations and are dedicated to improving the safety and efficiency of handling tubulars in the offshore oil- and gas industry.

With our unique field proven TubeLock® TTRS and our dedicated skilled people, we are ready to serve the demanding industry.

Our goals

  • Save time
  • Save space
  • Save handling

We provide intelligent handling of tubulars


Global Gravity supply the world´s first Tubular Transport Running System (TTRS). We called it TubeLock®.
TubeLock® provides optimization of all processes for pipe handling within all types of well interventions and drilling operations around the world. Giving our global customers great cost savings together with the most effective and safe TTRS for all types of pipes and drilling rigs.


TubeLock® TTRS will mirror what the container has done for the freight industry. We want to change bulk handling of tubulars to a systematic and optimized process, eliminating inefficient and costly processes from the drilling industry. This will improve the revenue for the oil and gas operators and its partners.

Our TubeLock® TTRS will provide intelligent handling of tubulars from pipe manufacturer to run in hole at the rig site in only one handling. We believe that this will be the future for all involved with pipe transport, storage, inspection and drilling.

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