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The Danish Maritime Fund

About The Danish Maritime Fund (DMF)
The Danish Maritime fund was established to develop and promote Danish maritime shipping and yard industry. This is done through economical support to research, technology and product development, education, recruitment and other types of initiatives with maritime focus. The fund supports projects which are innovative, prospective, and business oriented. This means projects which will develop competences and competitiveness in the Danish maritime sector.

The board likes to see that donations will be given to company related activities to strengthen the industry’s growth and contribute to increase of employment.

The Danish Maritime Fund has supported Global Gravity ApS with the product TubeLock® Learn more on Den Danske Maritime Fond

Esbjerg Maritime Service

About Esbjerg Maritime Service ApS (EMS)
Esbjerg Maritime Service ApS (EMS) is the inventor of the Rig-Ready TubeLock® Running System concept and this concept was diversified from EMS into the new company structure Global Gravity ApS owning all rights to the product TubeLock® Running System. 

EMS was founded in 2009 and is a service company to the Energy sector with focus on agencies within oil tools and rentals, sourcing of products, minor fabrication of steel and aluminium constructions, consultancy within rig repair projects, coil tubing welding’s and other related projects. EMS is located in Esbjerg, Denmark

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