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  • Technical specifications 1

Technical specifications

- SWL 6.0 Tons


DNV approved from tubular sizes 2 3/8" to 13 3/8"

Codes and standards

The calculations are made according to DNV standard for certification No. 2.22 Ch. 2. Sec. 5. B700. Accelerations during sea transport are calculated using parameters for medium vessels according to general guidelines for marine transportation 0030/NDI.


  • Recommended practice DNV-RP-C205: Environmental conditions and environmental loads. October 2010
  • DNV-OS-C101: Design of offshore steel structures, general (LRFD method), April 2011
  • DNV rules for planning and execution of marine operations: Part 2. Chapter 5: Lifting January 1996
  • DNV Standard for certification No. 2.7-1 ofshore containers April 2006.

Noble denton

General guidelines for marine transportations 0030/ND Rev. 4.

Material used

Two Materials are used to fabricate the system. Aluminum EN AW6063 and steel NVD36.

NVD36: Pad eyes, lifting pipes, bushing
Aluminum EN AW6063 TF: Main profile and all other small parts.


Stacked 50 m/s
Jacked up 50 m/s
Transportation 30 m/s
Lifting 44 m/s


Design conditions
Jacked up 52.5 m above LAT
Stacking 6 layers
Sea Transportations Vessel – L < 140 m B < 30 m


Se/a state
Pitch 12.5° – 10 sec
Roll 20.0° – 10 sec
Heave 0.2 g