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Rig-Ready with TubeLock® Frame System

Safe and efficient tubular handling

Rig-Ready TubeLock® Frame System is a Tubular Frame System which provides safe and efficient handling of drill pipes, tubulars and casing. The system handles all processes from planning, transport and delivery to supervision of correct handling – protecting your assets and your people. The system is a Rig-Ready packaging frame, saving you time on handling offshore.

Global Gravity supervises onshore and offshore packing, ensuring that the drill crew gets optimal working conditions, and enhances safety during operation.


TubeLock® — Rig-Ready Tubular Frame System

Adding value to customers

In addition to providing safe handling, the TubeLock® Frame System is also very efficient. Handling time of tubulars from the pipe yard to the drilling rig will be reduced considerably when switching from wire bundling to TubeLock® Frame System.

Wire Bundling vs. TubeLock® Frame System

Wire bundling





  • Less handling with TubeLock® inceases safety and reduces costs.