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Rig-Ready with TubeLock® Running System

Safe and efficient tubular handling

Rig-Ready TubeLock® Running System is a Tubular System which provides safe and efficient handling of drill pipes, tubulars and casing. 

The system is much more than a frame system. It gives you the opportunity to run your operation directly from the system. The pipes are Rig-ready when arriving at the rig, with centralizers fitted directly onshore. TubeLock® saves you time, space and handlings and keeps your business running at all times. 

Adding value to customers

In addition to providing safe handling, the Rig-Ready TubeLock® Running System is also very efficient. Handling time of tubulars from the pipe yard to the drilling rig will be reduced considerably when switching from wire bundling to Rig-ready TubeLock® Running System.

Wire Bundling vs. TubeLock® Running System

Wire bundling





  • Less handling with Rig-Ready TubeLock® inceases safety and reduces costs.